Florence, the city where craftsmanship represents the genius, history and creativity of a territory. The industriousness of its people, has made it great and unique over the centuries and still today the craftsmanship characterizes the history and physiognomy itself.

Entering the shops you can rediscover the atmosphere of a past time but always current: the tools and instruments, the colors and shapes, the scents and noises that only the crafts rooted in the history of the territory can give life, make Florence one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

And it is precisely the craftsmen, with the work learned from their fathers and grandparents, who in turn become masters in the transmission of art and passion, through the objects created by their wise hands that forge, shape and shape.

From the Renaissance to the present day, Florentine artisan workshops have been working to the highest standards of quality, creating a world that deserves to be valued in every aspect.

For this reason Community Firenze wants to be a reference point of the handicraft for those who do it, for those who love it and for those who want to discover it, through tools and services that are able in the present to unite the past with the future. This is achieved through the creation of a network that, passing through the workshops of craftsmen, connects them to the citizens and visitors of Florence thanks to our events, our bloggers, our guided tours and our social networks.

“Who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist”

San Francesco d’Assisi

Community Firenze was born from different personal and professional paths but united by the passion for craftsmanship and what orbits around it. We had the desire to apply our skills to give Florentine craftsmanship what was missing, that is, its enhancement through new means of communication and social aggregation, exploiting the great potential of the Internet and social networks. Precisely for this reason we are always open to new proposals for collaboration to grow and nurture the Community.