Sileno Cheloni

From Lucca to Florence, passing through London, Cyprus and Milan. At each stage he filled the suitcase with increasingly concrete and stimulating experiences. Especially in the cosmetic field. And today, in its selective perfumery, in addition to offering curious and unique fragrances, it offers the customer an exclusive method of customizing the perfume, on request, and linked to a multi-sensory experience. Sileno Cheloni, owner and perfumer of Aquaflor (located in Via Borgo Santa Croce 6 in Florence, ed), is always at work, behind his counter, as if he were an alchemist. Among bottles, bottles, ingredients sought after and purchased in every part of the world, he creates fragrances, acts as a consultant (both for the Kering group and for Lamborghini, ed.) and transmits all his passion by mixing, in the right proportions, apparently different worlds, foreign to the first perception, which then magically, under the nose, are transformed into tremendously perfect harmonies.
What is perfume for you?
“It is the union between spiritual perfumery, linked to the origin, to the past, to fragrance as a means of connection with the divine, and the French “aesthetic” perfumery, with its way of adapting to the skin, and of spreading in the air and in the body”.
One of the services Aquaflor offers is the creation of a “tailor-made” perfume: what is it about?
“The perfume ‘made to measure’ is basically a journey: the customer sits in the living room, talks to me, tells me about his life, his most intimate secrets, and I propose different smells and sensations. He smells them, he lives them and on the basis of what they instinctively remind him of, the feelings they arouse, we create the perfume. My task is to understand how much of that precise ingredient, in percentage, must be included in the ‘recipe’, so that it does not ‘change direction’, nor distort the final effect: I have more than 1500 raw materials to choose from, all in alphabetical order, each with its own label. There is no mediation in this world: if the customer likes the fragrance, he will wear it; on the contrary, he will leave it forever. The whole service lasts a couple of hours and the creation is then delivered in a special packaging: an exclusive and personalized bottle with the initials of the name”.

Sileno Cheloni
Via di S. Niccolò, 72R
50125 Firenze