Paolo Penko

Paolo Penko, Master of Art Goldsmith, designer and sculptor, Florentine by birth, assimilates from his city all the charm of Renaissance art, becoming a deep connoisseur and which inspired many of his works.
In his “workshop”, a few steps from the Duomo, assisted by his wife Beatrice and son Alessandro, he creates unique jewels, made entirely by hand, according to the ancient techniques of the Florentine goldsmith tradition.
The “Florentine style” is the primary source of inspiration for the joys and silverware of Penko, which refer to the volutes, spirals, friezes, small geometries and inlays designed by the masters of Florentine architecture.
The openwork, the burin engraving, the niello and the agemina, are the techniques masterfully used by Master Penko in the creation of his gold jewelry but also in the creation of silver works where attention to detail and balance of proportions are peculiar elements.
Numerous works have been created for Santa Maria del Fiore, from the cover letter to the monstrance and those for the Holy Mass celebrated by Pope Francis in Florence in November 2016, such as the 40 chalices and the Cross for the Eucharistic Table.
In Florence, some of his most significant works have become part of the collection of the Bargello and the Museo degli Argenti of Palazzo Pitti.

Paolo Penko
Via delle Oche 20 – 22 r
50122 Firenze



The workshop

The entrance is characterized by an imposing workbench with tools and instruments of ancient charm. On this stands out the reproduction of the hexagonal tile of Daedalus (depicted by Andrea Pisano in Giotto’s Bell Tower), a character of Greek mythology considered an architect, sculptor and inventor, famous for having created the famous labyrinth of the Minotaur as well as the basic instrument of flight, the wings. The ancient charm of the location blends with modern technologies: the coffered ceiling marks the LED lighting system specific for jewelry, energy saving, creating fascinating plays of light. The wooden furniture develops the artistic vision of Maestro Paolo Penko and, thanks to the technical support of architects Carta and Boganiniingloba, both the plant engineering system at the service of the workbenches and the advanced surveillance and safety systems. The restructuring of the environment took place in collaboration with the Opera del Duomo, the Superintendence, Confart Multiservice and with the professional contribution of excellence of Florentine and Tuscan artistic craftsmanship, as for the furniture studied in detail: the handles and knobs customized with Penko logo, the bell at the door made with the technique of penkato. The furniture develops the function of a backdrop where the life of the workshop takes place: in this space converges the vision of the new world of craftsmanship, both through the multimedia communication of touch screen monitors for use by customers, both in the realization of the famous craftsmanship of unique pieces “Penkati”. The jewelry store houses four other workbenches fully equipped to accommodate possible internships, internships, alternating school-work or workshop-school.