Marina Calamai

MARINA CALAMAI has always been interested in stimulating other senses in addition to that of sight, has recently opened its Multisensory Space ONTHEROAD in Via Santo Spirito 22 r. on the ground floor of Palazzo Guicciardini. Here you can experience the olfactory sound installations, (The Muffin that eats you is also often the site of interviews she filmed with the ice cream microphone) interactive paintings such as the LABIRINTO DELL’AMORE, which involves the viewer through the sense of touch, as well as seeing and being able to buy its collections of jewelry and Homeware. An all-round experience that culminates with APOLOGY OF CREATIVITY, to be enjoyed with hearing and smell in the studio on the roofs of the Palace (by appointment).
This sonorous/olfactory work wants to give voice to the industrious creativity of artists and craftsmen, through some sonorous pieces that Marina Calamai has called Musical Moments and Dances. These are born from the sounds of the tools and machinery that the artist has recorded in their workshops and that replace the melodies of musical instruments. The first part of the performance is entirely dedicated to the senses of hearing and smell, while the sight remains at rest. Immersion in darkness enhances the moment of sound and smell. The sounds of craftsmanship and the scents of materials have remained unchanged over time. Placed in an indefinite spatio-temporal situation, the vibrations of the working instruments give the visitor the sensation of being himself at work, with his own hands.

Marina Calamai, Florentine artist and designer (Arezzo ’62), collaborates and studies in Paris with the designer Alain Lalou and at the Paris American Academy 1983/85. Fashion designer in Florence (1985/97). From 1998 he studied art in New York at the Art Student League with the painter Peter Cox and in Florence at the Lorenzo de Medici with Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky. In 2001 he began to exhibit in public and private spaces. A gestational diabetes that forces her to give up the temptations of the palate inspires her with her paintings and installations dedicated to sweets. A multifaceted artist with important forays into the world of jewellery and fashion accessories (Cherry rings, Cherry gemstone rings, Cup Cakes and Tableau foulards).
One of his most significant projects is “TABLES TABLEAUX”.
Tables dedicated to the world of nature in the series VITAMIN and FANTAGEOGRAFICI with surprising possibilities of use. Vitamin Appendix to the series of tables: the Vitamin Table Mats, the Coasters, the Lazy Susan and the Vitamin Wall Watches.
For a long time it has been investigating the world of CIBO, drawing inspiration from it to create works that awaken the 5 senses. Emblematic are its olfactory sound installations representing gigantic cakes. Her fields of investigation have their roots in two opposing universes that, in her poetics, attract each other in a continuous swing: the Cake Thinking and the Vitamin Moods.
Lately, drawing inspiration from the world of the nature, he uses the geometric patterns and the series of sacred numbers for his works both in the world of the goldsmith and in that of the painting.

Marina Calamai
Via Santo Spirito, 22r
50125 Firenze




Cake thinking