Harman Jane

After her studies at the School of Fine Arts in Glasgow and a couple of scholarships for Florence, Jane began working as an apprentice restorer in the Florentine workshop that she still maintains. Thirty years later, she still restores, but in addition, she designs and produces completely by hand, various wooden objects. Her collection includes small furniture, magazine holders, wooden letters, hand-carved chopping boards, candle holders, jewellery, alternative souvenirs for travellers and fretwork puzzles.
Jane happily identifies herself as ‘The Oltrarno’s wood whisperer’, a quote from Mary Gray of the Florentine monthly magazine ‘The Florentine’.
Jane studied drawing and painting at the School of Fine Arts in Glasgow, Scotland.
Winner of several scholarships (the John Kinross Memorial Fund, Edinburgh, in ’83; the Elizabeth Greensields Foundation, Canada, in ’85; specialization in Lithography at the Bison, Florence, in ’87) that allow her to travel the world and refine technical studies and skills, in ’88 she settled in Florence.
Her passion for antiquity, wood and quality craftsmanship led her to knock on the door of Enrico Sarti, son of art of expert restorers and her future master. From him he learns the ‘workshop secrets’ handed down from generation to generation. After several years of apprenticeship, he inherited the workshop and set up his own business.
He still works today in the heart of the San Frediano district in Florence.
Not only does he carry out his activity in the shop, but he is also available for the general maintenance of furniture at home in residences, villas and hotels.
23 years of experience in a restoration workshop.
Conservation and restoration of wooden works and antique furniture in solid wood, paved and veneered. Anti-mite treatment. Restoration of painted and lacquered furniture. Feather polishing and wax coating. Use of traditional materials and techniques, therefore compatible and reversible to the original.
Maintenance of furniture at home and in hotels.
Restoration and wall decoration in collaboration with Jemima Taylor.

Harman Jane
Via L. Bartolini 1/R
50124 Firenze