Ippogrifo Stampe d’Arte

Gianni Raffaelli was born in Florence, in the popular district of San Frediano, in 1952.
Son of art, he follows his father painter to Venezuela, where the parent enjoys a certain notoriety, and spends much of his adolescence there.
In the absence of qualified art schools, he studied science at the Italian language high school in Caracas, where he graduated in 1972.
A year later, intending to continue his studies, he returned to Florence, and in his native city he found interests and stimuli that led him to resume the study of painting and graphics.
He enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts and joined the Teatro dei Ciompi, where he met Volpi and Agostini, the other graphic artists with whom he founded “L’Ippogrifo” in 1976, a laboratory studio destined to become an authentic centre for the research of ancient engraving art.
In twenty years of daily experience every technical aspect is deepened with professionalism and competence to allow him, in the field, awards and acclaim that also cross the national territory.
Since 1990 various students have been approaching these techniques and have found in the author that technical support that is not easy to find in common art schools.
To confirm this professionalism and recognition, the management together with “La Stampa d’Arte” of an engraving school sponsored by the Region of Tuscany and the Province of Florence and funded by the European Social Fund.
Since 1999, together with his wife Francesca, with whom he collaborates, he opens in Florence in Santo Spirito (historical district of Florentine craftsmen) a workshop shop, where you can see them at work and admire their gallery, full of over 500 subjects made over their years.

Ippogrifo Stampe d’Arte
Via Santo Spirito, 5
50125 Firenze