Fratelli Peruzzi

Fratelli Peruzzi silverware was founded in 1860 by Giuseppe Peruzzi and his wife Giulia. The tradition of Florentine craftsmanship together with the ability to produce unique silver objects in their own workshop, have remained the company one of the landmarks of craftsmanship in Florence.
A tradition of Florentine silverware craftsmanship that, after Giuseppe Peruzzi, continues at the beginning of the 20th century with his sons Gustavo, Guglielmo Gino, Gastone and Guglielmina.
In 1910 the Fratelli Peruzzi silverware reached the United States, where Gino, Gastone and Guglielmina Peruzzi opened the American branch in Boston, creating Fratelli Peruzzi Argentieri in Boylston Street.
For over 60 years the Peruzzi brothers’ silver products have been appreciated by the Americans and the company returned to 100% “Italian” in 1973.
The experience in the United States has formed in the company a vision and a greater knowledge of the dynamics and international tastes that today allows Fratelli Peruzzi to sell its silver creations all over the world. The history of Fratelli Peruzzi is also testified by the identification mark at the C.C.I.A.A. in Florence, one of the oldest in Florence (FI114).
In 1982, the management of the Fratelli Peruzzi company was taken over by Gilberto and Gino, who in 1992 transformed it into a sole proprietorship.
Currently they deal with the company Gianna Peruzzi (the fourth generation of Florentine silversmiths) together with her sister-in-law Laura who launched in 2015 the project “Officine Ponte Vecchio” with the opening of a second store (of course on Ponte Vecchio) where you can find not only the creations of Fratelli Peruzzi but also a selection of the excellence of Florentine craftsmen.

Fratelli Peruzzi
Ponte Vecchio, 60 angolo Borgo San Jacopo, 2-4 R
50125 Firenze