Guided tour of the artisan workshops of Borgo San Frediano, specializing in the production of marbled paper, ligatures, inlay, restoration and production of wooden objects .
Far from the mass tourist flows, this district in Oltrarno ( link to the Oltrarno tour ) enclosed within the ancient walls, keeps intact the charm and authenticity of local traditions.
In the past, men and goods from Pisa and Livorno had to pass through its
great door to enter the city, so this area has always been one of the most
and industrious of Florence.
In Borgo San Frediano there are still many artisan shops and a guide
specialized tourist will accompany you to see up close the work of masters
One of the most typical products of the Florentine artisan tradition is the paper
marbled. There will surely be someone among your friends who knowing of your stay at Florence will ask you to bring him this special paper, hand-decorated by means of a bathroom of color that reproduces the effect of the veins of the marble.
To achieve the decoration, the colors are poured on a sticky solution, in
so that they remain on the surface without stirring; the sheet that is laid down on the surface absorbs the colors that produce the desired effect.
Each sheet produced is therefore a unique piece.
Marbled paper is just one of the items that we will see in the first workshop of our itinerary: the Atelier GK is the artistic bookbinding by Lapo Giannini and Michiko Kuwata in which classical works are produced of Florentine craftsmanship, from art tying to furnishing objects, and deals with also the restoration of old books.
A few steps from here is the workshop of the Zouganist Takafumi Mochizuki arrived in Florence in 2007 and works as an inlayer.
In Japanese, zougan means inlay and in his workshop he keeps himself alive.
the Renaissance tradition of inlaying, which consists in the decoration of objects by joining small pieces of different types of wood and other materials.
The technique is based on the chromatic contrast between the various pieces of wood combined also with very fine sheets of metal, silver, mother-of-pearl scales and ivory.
His art is also applied to objects such as shapes of shoes and hats, hangers,
and lamps, creating absolutely unique and original pieces.
The same passion for antiquity, wood and restoration have brought Harman Jane from Scotland to Florence.
After having worked for a long time as an apprentice of Enrico Sarti, from whom he has learned the secrets of the trade, inherited the workshop and today in addition to the restoration of Furniture deals with the production of small wooden objects.
Harman Jane designs and manufactures entirely by hand small furniture, jewellery and alternative souvenirs that he will show you in his laboratory.